17310 146th PL NE, Woodinville, WA (map)


I've known the owner of this mailbox ever since I moved to my home. She has two lovely grandchildren, a little boy and a little girl. When I told her about this project, she said that she has to ask the members of her household. A couple of days later she came to me the little boy wanted the mailbox to be blue and the little girl wanted it to be pink and purple.

As a solution I split the mailbox into greens & blues and pinks & purples. She also said that she wanted a rainbow on the side since it's so rainy, she'd be able to see a rainbow from her house all the time. This brought a smile to my face because when I was in kindergarten, I used to color everything rainbow even when it supposed to be brown like a bear or a tree. I did this so much that my teachers had to tell me to stop drawing rainbows over everything.

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