14819 174th St NE, Woodinville, WA (map)


These two little girls walked with their Dad over to my house to explain exactly what they wanted on their mailbox. As they walked over, they must have noticed the row of mailboxes for my cul-de-sac which were all painted and stopped to take a look.

They loved my mailbox so much that they wanted theirs to be exactly the same: the same watermelon with black seeds on the front. The same wavy tree on a fiery orange on one side, the same green leaves on a purple background on the other side. This made me chuckle and remember my little cousin who always wanted what I wanted, whether it was food, clothes, toys, etc.

A few days after Dad had reinstalled the mailbox, they stopped by with a little handwritten card with a picture of their mailbox drawn on the envelope. Maybe one day, they'll paint some mailboxes too! And I'll display them here.

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