14502 NE 174th St, Woodinville, WA (map)


I met this homeowner while he was working in his garden in his front-yard. After asking what he'd like me to paint on his mailbox, he replied, "Anything with flowers." I asked him if he'd like any specific colors, but he just shook his head. This makes sense though. His garden is pretty impressive. There's an abundance of flowers of every color, size, and shade. It's quite beautiful to look at when taking a walk.

An interesting thing about this mailbox, it's actually two! The man said that they had experienced people vandalizing their mailbox. The solution? Sandwiching two mailboxes together, one inside another with cement in between. It sure gave my Dad a workout carrying it up our hill for me to paint it. It must have weighed at least 40 lbs!

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