14325 174th St NE, Woodinville, WA (map)


When I explained my mailbox project to the owner of this mailbox, he had a kind of shy disposition. He explained that a few men lived in his house. So he didn't want anyt hing too girly. He said something music-themed would be nice. With a treble clef. That was quite a specific request so I made sure to add more than just one. I had to google image what a treble clef looked like -- I knew what they looked like -- but I wanted to make sure I got it right. Treble clefs are (in my opinion) a very calming sha pe (Is that what one would call it? A shape?). The swirly part was fun to draw.

When I asked about what color he'd like, he wasn't sure. I remember that he had said nothing too girly so I suggested: Green? Blue? Blue! He said, like the color of sweater I was wearing (which was a navy bluish color). When I went to paint it I didn't wanted blue to be too dark so I opted for a tiny bit different than my sweater but I think it worked well.

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